New Year’s Resolutions + New Ideas For 2016

Happy New Year friends!

I have had such a wonderful past few weeks spending time with my friends and family. I can’t believe Christmas is over. It came and went so quickly this year!


I am so sad to take down all of my Christmas decorations but excited to change out some of my living room décor. I will be doing some DIY home décor blog posts very soon!

I wanted to share some of my New Year’s Resolutions!

First, just like tons of other people, is to lose weight! I lost 50 pounds last year, but I have plateaued the past few months. I want to lose my last 20 pounds and hit my goal weight by June!


My second resolution is to spend more time on my blog. I want to make the best posts I possibly can and this year I am determined to make them even better!

Next is to have at least one meal a week at the dinner table with NO PHONES ALLOWED! My husband and I both have very busy schedules and tend to eat on the couch or even standing up in the kitchen.

Finally, travel more! Even if it’s just a day trip!  We had an amazing time in Mexico over the summer! Going to Mexico let me mark two things off my bucket list in 2015. Travel out of the country and fly on a plane. We already have a “Friends-cation” in the works!

 Ideas for the New Year!

  I decided to include two ideas that can be started for the New Year! I will definitely be doing both!

First, you can set aside a jar that is labeled 2016. Everytime something good happens, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar! You can also do this with movie or concert tickets, admission bracelets, and anything else that represents a memorable moment! On New Year’s Eve empty out the jar and reminisce on all the happy memories of 2016!

Second is to save some money! Below is a chart that allows you to save money bi-weekly throughout the whole year! This works great if you get paid every other week! This is a great way to get started saving for Christmas or for a handbag you have had your eye one for a while *hint, hint*.



Let me know if you plan to try out these ideas. Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you in 2016!



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