Quick DIY Gift + Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party

Hello Sweet friends!

Today I have a quick DIY post for you and some pictures from my husband’s Merry Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday party!

For all the ladies at work (and one gentleman) I made these personalized coffee mugs filled with hot chocolate, chocolates and a candy cane. This DIY is very affordable if you have to give to a lot of people. I made 10 mugs and my total cost was around $50! I guarantee everyone will love them!


What you will need for the coffee mugs:

ceramic coffee mugs

acetone or alcohol

OIL BASED Sharpie markers

stencil or sticker

Start by using your acetone or alcohol to clean the mug where you will be making your design. This removes all the dirt and oils so the marker stays better. If you want to do what I did, you can take scrapbook stickers or a stencil to make the blank space for your letter. I just made small dots to outline the letter with two different colors and made the dots more sparse the further I got away from the letter. Let the mugs dry over night. After they have dried over night, place them in a cool oven. Turn oven on to 350.  Bake for 350 degrees for 1 hour. Leave the mugs in the oven until they are completely cool. (It is important you let them heat up and cool down in the oven, if you do not, it can cause the mug to crack or break).

Once your mugs are cool, fill them with whatever goodies you want! You can even make your own cookies or candies to put in them. I decided to put in a package of hot chocolate mix, some Christmas themed candies and a peppermint.


I also wanted to share some pictures from our Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party. My husband’s birthday is December 22 so his Mom and I decided to give him a themed birthday.

Even his cake had on an ugly Christmas Sweater!



The sweaters that everyone wore were hilarious but I ‘ll just show you mine and my husbands.



Thanks you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed and that you are having a great Holiday season so far!



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