Why Buy It When You Can DIY It?! [Last Minute Halloween Costumes]

Hello Loves!

Today, I have teamed up with my good friend Candace aka The Trendy Wife to show you some affordable, last minute, DIY Halloween costumes. Whether you got invited to a costume party last minute or you just haven’t had time to plan your costume, we have some ideas that will have you looking fabulous!

For my costumes, I used primarily things that I already had in my wardrobe. Two of them required a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and the other two were done with things I already had at home. Each costume cost me between $0-$7!


I really hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out Candace’s post for even more ideas!



This one is my absolute favorite and most expensive (if you can call it that)! This is actually the costume that I will be wearing to a Halloween party this weekend. My husband will be wearing camouflage clothing so he can be my hunter. (I will post our couple’s costume on Instagram after the party!)

For my makeup, I took inspiration from Pinterest. I just search deer makeup and thousands of pictures came up. I used all drugstore makeup that I already had in my collection.


For my face, I used a primer and my regular foundation. Next, I used a very light concealer around my eyes, down my nose and above my brows. I used a very bronze powder on my cheeks and the outer areas of my face. I used a warm, peachy blush on the apples of my cheeks. I used a white eyeliner to draw dots on my forehead and cheeks. I filled in my brows with a dark brown pencil and brought the lines from the inner part of my brows down my nose and finished by using a black eyeliner on the tip of my nose.


For my eyes, I did a simple neutral eye with intense eyeliner and lashes. I kept the lips neutral with a nude lipsticks and gloss.


The only thing I bought for this costume was the supplies to make my antlers. I found glittery gold sticks in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby. I cut them to the length I wanted and hot glued them to a head band, also found at Hobby Lobby.

Put on some black leggings, a cream sweater, a fur vest and boots to complete this costume. (You can really wear whatever you want with this look, a dress would be super cute as well).

Total cost for this costumes was around $7 and took my about 45 minutes for hair and makeup.

P.S. I also saw where a group of friends did a deer, a rabbit and a fox and carried wine bottles/glasses so they were “Party Animals!”

Rosie the Riveter


 I love this one! Rosie the Riveter was such an icon for women during World War II. This costume was done with things I already had at home. I used one of my husband’s shirts, jeans, combat boots and a red bandana for this look. The makeup is super simple, I did pretty much the same thing I do everyday but added some lashes and a red lip. Total cost for this was $0 and took me about 20 minutes with hair and makeup.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly



For this look, I had to purchase the tiara from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby, its was $12.99 but it was 50% off. I had everything else in my wardrobe. A black dress, pearls and black pumps were Holly’s signature look. For her makeup, I did a neutral eye with a wing and lashes. I used a straw and black tape for her cigarette stick. Total cost for this look was $6.50 plus tax and it took my about 30 minutes for hair and makeup.



This costume was completely last minute. I had everything I needed already at home for this one.



  I did a simple, everyday makeup and added some orange blush to the tip of my nose and drew on the lines with a black eyeliner. This would look more like a scarecrow with a straw hat but all I had at home was a floppy, felt one.

A plaid or flannel shirt, boots & boot socks and some jeans and you’re done. Total cost was $0 and took 15 minutes for hair and makeup! Bonus points if you have some straw or hay laying around to put in your hair.

I hope you enjoyed, this post was so much fun to make! Please share with me on Instagram if you try any of the costumes! Don’t forget to check out Candace’s page for more costume ideas!

As always, thank you so much for your love and support!



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